Brands: Nautilus, Bowflex, Schwinn Fitness, StairMaster
Company: The Nautilus Group (Symbol: NLS on NYSE). Nautilus is the leading marketer of health & fitness related products. Role: Board of directors and consultant on building company awareness & credibility in the business & financial communities.

Brand: Trivial Pursuit
Company: Horn Abbot. Horn Abbot is the developer of the world's most popular board game. Role: Consultant on expanding brand dominance into digital & interactive products (web site, wireless devices, game consoles, interactive TV)

Brand: Scene It? DVD Movie Trivia Game
Company: Screenlife. Screenlife is developer of Optreve technology which turns your DVD player into a game console. Role: Board of directors and consultant on business development.

Brand: B-Elastin
Company: Essentia. Essentia is associated with the Stanford School of Medicine. It has created a proprietary topical skin care solution that stimulates the growth of new elastin. Role: Board of directors & consultant on branding / business development.

Brand: Tilling
Company: Anawah. Anawah has developed a new form of traditional plant breeding that replaces the perceived need for GMO generated crops. Role: Board of advisors & consultant on strategic communications.

Brand: Cold Heat
Company: Hyperion Innovations. Hyperion develops innovative cordless solutions for handheld heating tools and small appliances. Role: Board of directors & consultant on long term positioning.


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